Crafted with soft water, protecting delicate nature of Japanese skin

People of Japanese ethnicity are known to have a thinner stratum corneum in their skin compared to other ethnicities. The hot and humid climate in Japan has resulted in the development of sebaceous glands, leading to a thicker dermal layer. A weaker natural barrier function is caused by a thinner stratum corneum. To protect delicate skin, Japanese soft water is used, which is low in irritants and has excellent moisturizing properties compared to hard water. The Cold Process soap is made using high-quality Japanese soft water, enriched with silica water that is naturally found in the body. It is gentle on sensitive or allergy-prone skin. This soap is crafted with the delicate nature of Japanese skin in mind, and it nurtures and promotes beautiful skin, regardless of ethnicity.


One soap for your hair, face, body and cleaning needs.

For a long time, the Japanese have valued the concept of "less is more," which is consistent with modern minimalism. To simplify your bathroom routine and maintain a clutter-free environment, the Cold Process offers an all-in-one solution for hair, face, body, and cleansing. This soap is made with natural ingredients and doesn't contain synthetic surfactants, preservatives, additives, or petroleum-derived components, making it gentle on the skin. Moreover, it overcomes some of the traditional soap's weaknesses, such as melting and leaving soap residue.


Soap that's lived in harmony with nature, leaves no environmental footprint

Japan is a country that deeply respects nature, believing in the existence of eight million gods in all things, from mountains and seas to rocks and trees. Cold Process soap shares this reverence for the environment and is dedicated to being environmentally conscious. This soap breaks down quickly in water, usually within an hour, even when discharged into rivers, making it highly biodegradable. Additionally, it doesn't come in plastic bottles, which helps reduce marine pollution. The Cold Process method of manufacturing soap doesn't require
the use of fire, making it compatible with a low-carbon society. Our goal is to utilize Japan's environmental technology through soap to contribute to global environmental protection.


In the land of craftsmanship,we embrace JAPAN QUALITY

Our Cold Process soap is carefully crafted by skilled artisans in a workshop with strict temperature and humidity controls. Through precise measurement of ingredients and extraction methods, we can create soaps with unique benefits and fragrances that cannot be achieved through mass production. This reflects the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, where attention to detail is paramount. At Cold Process, we take pride in our commitment to quality and aim to contribute to the pursuit of beautiful skin worldwide.






The 'foaming net' quickly produces a smooth and pleasant foam.

Thanks to its finely woven, four-layer structure, the net can instantly create finely-textured foam that reduces friction and irritation, guiding it towards healthier skin, and also improves foam retention.


"What is Cold Process Soap?"

The Cold Process Soap is made without heat, preservingnatural skin-friendly ingredients and fragrances.

The Cold Process is a natural soap crafted through a careful 30-day low-temperature maturation process.

Our soap is different from commercially manufactured ones that use heat and neutralization processes. We preserve the natural skincare ingredients sourced from plant extracts and herbs, ensuring that the moisturizing component, glycerin, remains in its purest form. As a result, your skin feels nourished and radiant, just like you applied a beauty serum.

It promotes healthy skin without leaving any residue, allowing your skin to naturally retain its moisturizing abilities.

Highly recommended for...

  • Suffering from skin roughness or breakouts
  • Experiencing skin issues due to allergies such as hay fever
  • Concerned about skin dullness caused by aging
  • Worried about wrinkles caused by dryness
  • Feeling that the skin's firmness and elasticity have diminished
  • Seeking a mood enhancement and relaxation through fragrance.