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What is the difference between cold process method and hot process method?

The Cold Process method is a technique that utilizes only the heat generated from chemical reactions and carefully ages the ingredients at low temperatures. In contrast, the Hot Process method involves applying heat to expedite the production process.By avoiding the application of heat, the Cold Process method allows for the preservation of beneficial components found in plant oils, fats, oils, and herbs used as ingredients. This approach maximizes the utilization of nature's blessings without compromising their integrity.

What are the characteristics of cold process soap?

The natural glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient, melts abundantly and leaves a balanced amount of oil after washing, providing a cleansing sensation that is full of moisturizing richness, as if applying cream.Furthermore, since no heat is applied, it allows for the incorporation of various natural beauty and moisturizing components, as well as fragrances derived from oils and herbs. This characteristic enables the creation of soaps with diverse personalities and characteristics.

How is the cold process beneficial for the skin?

While soap is traditionally known for its cleansing properties, The Cold Process is perceived as a skincare item that not only removes dirt but also nourishes and revitalizes the skin. It is considered a skincare technique that incorporates various ingredients, allowing users to experience a wide range of skincare benefits.

Do you exclusively offer Cold Process soaps?

Except for the conditioner and pet conditioner, which are solid balms (beauty oils) and not soaps, everything else is made using the Cold Process method.

Are there any ingredients included that could be harmful to the skin?

We do not use synthetic surfactants, preservatives, additives, or petroleum-derived ingredients that can be irritating to the skin.Our soaps are made with gentle, skin-friendly ingredients sourced from natural origins.

Do you use any ingredients other than plants?

Although most of our ingredients are plant-based, some of our soaps do contain animal-derived ingredients, such as honey, horse oil, squalane from sharks (a skin conditioning ingredient), and placenta extracted from animals (an anti-aging ingredient).

We do not conduct any animal testing on our products.
All of our plant-based products are labeled with a VEGAN mark on our website's product pages.

Please provide specific instructions on how to wash my face and hair.

For facial cleansing, gently lather the soap and apply it to your skin. Rinse it off within 30 seconds. Leaving the foam on for an extended period can have a counterproductive effect, so it's important to thoroughly rinse off the foam to prevent soap residue from clogging the pores.For shampooing, apply the soap directly to wet hair. Massage it in to create a rich lather and then simply rinse it out. Afterward, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair.

Is it okay to wash my face with body soap? And what about the other way around?

For the face, the soap is formulated with relatively high moisturizing power, while for the body, it prioritizes thorough cleansing. However, there is no particular issue if you use the body soap on your face or the facial soap on your body.

How long does it last? How should I store it?

It lasts for the following durations with once-daily use:Face: Approximately 3-4 monthsHand: Approximately 3-4 monthsBody: Approximately 2-3 monthsShampoo: Approximately 3-4 months [for short hair] / Approximately 2-3 months [for long hair]Conditioner: Over six monthsKitchen: Approximately 1-2 monthsAfter use, make sure to thoroughly drain excess water and store the soap in a place where it won't be exposed to water or direct contact with shower or hot water.

How should I combine body, face, and shampoo products?

Each category also has linked fragrances, so it is recommended to unify them with your preferred scent.

What is the difference between "short hair" and "long hair" options for dogs?

The "short hair" option is formulated with ingredients that focus on thoroughly cleansing the skin, while the "long hair" option is designed to clean and care for the hair. Both options prioritize good foam rinsing.

Can the dog products be used for cats as well?

We use a minimal amount of essential oils that have no significant impact on cats' bodies, but for customers looking for products specifically for cats, we recommend fragrance-free silica.

What makes the kitchen cleaner different from synthetic detergents?

We are committed to achieving excellent cleansing performance while being gentle on the skin by using naturally derived ingredients. Moreover, our products do not contain synthetic surfactants or petroleum-based ingredients, thereby reducing the impact on water quality in rivers.

Is the cold process environmentally friendly?

By not using plastic bottles for our packaging, we contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and take measures against marine pollution. Additionally, since we do not apply heat during the manufacturing process, we also contribute to the promotion of a low-carbon society.

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