Our process involves zero heat application, ensuring the preservation of natural skincare ingredients and fragrance.

The Cold Process is a natural craft soap made from the cold process method, where it is carefully matured for over 30 days at low temperatures.
Unlike commercially manufactured soaps created through processes involving heat and neutralization, our soap preserves the naturally derived skincare ingredients sourced from plant extracts and herbs. It ensures the moisturizing component, glycerin, to melt and blend in its purest form. As a result, your skin is left with a nourished, radiant feeling just as if you've applied a beauty serum.
"It fosters healthy skin without leaving any unwanted residue, and allowing your skin to naturally inherent its moisturizing capabilities. Every time you open the door, a luxurious fragrance of quality oils wafts through, uplifting the atmosphere of the bathroom. In this sanctuary, you will not find any plastic bottles that contribute to the pollution of our oceans. "
Switching to our soap can make your bathing experience more pleasurable, and in doing so, it also contributes to changing the Earth's environment for the better.


FEATUREOur Passion for the Cold Process


Handcrafted one by one by skilled artisans in Japan,
taking 30 days or more.

The Cold Process cannot be mass-produced. It is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in domestic workshops, utilizing the Cold Process method, which involves careful preparation without the application of heat, and allowing for a slow maturation process of 30 days or more. This soap is rich in moisture, containing ample amounts of glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient, without relying on excessive synthetic additives.


Addressing various skin concerns and fostering the skin's ability to nurture itself.

The Cold Process uses top-class oils, herbs, and beauty ingredients without hesitation. It addresses individual skin concerns such as dullness, aging, and sensitive skin, aiming to enhance the skin's natural barrier function and promote healthy, moisturized skin through its own power.


A soothing fragrance spreads throughout the bathroom, lingering and relaxing the mind.

The Cold Process incorporates naturally derived essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, fruit peels, bark, and high-quality fragrance oils, allowing you to enjoy a variety of scents. With its rich aroma filling the bathroom, you can make your daily bathing experience more vibrant by changing the scent according to your mood.


From intimate care to shampoo, kitchen products, and even pet care, there are over 30 different variations available.

Our soaps are gentle on the skin as they are made only with natural ingredients. We also offer types that can be safely used on sensitive intimate areas. We have over 30 different variations available for various aspects of life, including body and face care, scalp care, hair care, baby care, pet care, and kitchen care.


We have eliminated the weaknesses of traditional soaps and prioritized gentleness and ease of use.

We do not use synthetic surfactants, preservatives, additives, or petroleum-derived ingredients. This reduces skin irritation and allows you to use our products with peace of mind. Our soaps not only provide hydration but also demonstrate excellent cleansing power while being gentle on the skin. They effectively remove even natural makeup. Additionally, we have focused on the properties of water and conducted research to achieve a balanced formulation with oils. We also pay attention to preventing soap residue and the issue of soap crumbling, addressing the weaknesses of traditional soaps.


From the production process to its use, we consider the impact on the environment.

Our soap has the characteristic of being highly biodegradable. Even if it is discharged into rivers, it will decompose in the water within approximately one hour. Furthermore, the Cold Process method used in its production does not involve the application of heat, making it compatible with a low-carbon society. Additionally, by not using plastic bottles, it contributes to the reduction of marine pollution, which has become a global issue.


Choose soap like you choose clothes or meals.

When you visit The Cold Process store, start by freely sniffing the different soaps.
The scent that intuitively appeals to you is the one that your mind and body are currently yearning for.
Just as the state of your mind and skin is ever-changing, so as the variety of soaps available.
Choose fragrances and ingredients freely, just like selecting clothes or desserts.
It's about finding the scents and components that you currently desire, allowing you to harmonize your mind and body's rhythm.
The Cold Process is creating a new way of engaging with soap,
enabling this unique connection.



A flagship store with a natural aesthetic has opened in Omotesando.

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