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Orange Lemongrass scent / A crisp, refreshing sensation loved by both men and women alike.

This soap contains orange oil, which effectively removes dirt while protecting the skin. It is excellent for tackling sweat during the summer or neutralizing odors after cooking. The soap has a refreshing and invigorating scent, leaving you feeling refreshed.


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RefreshingEffective dirt removal

Essential oils/options

Coconut oil (skin-conditioning ingredient), Sweet almond oil (skin-conditioning ingredient), Rice bran oil (emollient ingredient)

Coconut Coconut is a tropical fruit known for its rich content of vitamin E, which possesses antioxidant properties, and lauric acid, which has antibacterial effects. It also provides excellent moisturization for the skin.
Almond The extracted oil from almonds is effective against dryness and inflammation of the skin. It gently nurtures delicate skin.
Rice bran oil Extracted from the oil content found in rice bran, Rice Bran Oil is rich in vitamin E, known for its excellent antioxidant properties.
Key essential aroma oils (fragrance)

Orange, Lemongrass, Lime

Orange With its fresh and sweet aroma, Orange brightens the mood and brings a positive and uplifting vibe. It is universally loved for its ability to make anyone feel cheerful.
Lemongrass (citronella) Lemongrass is a perennial grass native to India. It has a refreshing fragrance that helps to alleviate anxiety and enhance concentration.
Lime Lime, with its refreshing citrus scent that includes a hint of bitterness, invigorates the senses and refreshes the mood.

Cold process method


Coconut Oil, Water, Olive Fruit Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Almond Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Orange Peel Oil, Lemongrass Leaf Oil, Lime Peel Oil, Orange Peel