Choose by Efficacy

For Moisturized Skin

A product with high moisturizing power for skin prone to dryness.

For Refreshing Skin

Characterized by a fresh and refreshing finish.

For Delicate Skin

A gentle product with minimal irritation, considering sensitive skin.

For Age-Concerned Skin

Recommended for aging care, keeping skin youthful.

For Men's Skin

Recommended for men who are concerned about rough skin and sweat a lot.

Choose by Scent

Floral Scent

Enjoy an enchanting luxurious scent.

Fresh and Refreshing Scent

A scent that refreshes both mind and body.

Sweet and Luxurious Scent

A sweet and fruity scent to uplift your mood.

Crisp Woody Scent

A calming woody scent like being in the woods.

Natural Herb Scent

A bath time of healing with the scent of natural herbs.

Why The Cold Process is Chosen

  • Utilizing High-Quality Oils and Herbs to Enhance the Skin's Natural Ability

    Addressing various skin concerns such as dullness, elasticity, pores, and aging. Enhancing the skin's natural barrier function for healthy, moisturized skin.

  • Natural Makeup Remover Without the Need for Cleansing

    Exclusively natural ingredients, gently cleansing while exhibiting excellent cleaning power. Dense foam neatly removes natural makeup.

  • Desired Scent When You Want It

    Offering a variety of scents using essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils extracted from flowers, leaves, peels, and bark. Start a lifestyle of choosing soap based on your mood.

  • Kitchen, Baby, Pets, all Cold Process

    Covering daily life with over 30 types of products including face, body, and hair.

  • Soap That's Resistant to Melting and Crumbling

    Focused on water properties and oil balance, minimizing melting and soap residue.

  • Gentle on the Skin and Environmentally Friendly

    • No synthetic surfactants, preservatives, antiseptics, or petroleum-derived ingredients.

    • Low carbon footprint as it doesn't require heating during production.
    • No use of plastic bottles, contributing to the reduction of marine waste.